Our Clients & Portfolio

In its present incarnation, Venture Coaches has a number of clients, with whom it works in various capacities.


DragonWave logo

DragonWave Inc. (TSX:DWI, NASDAQ: DRWI) is a multi-national company based in Ottawa.
The Venture Coaches Fund was a seed-stage investor.
Claude currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for DragonWave.



Edgewater logo

Edgewater Wireless (TSXV: YFI) is based in Ottawa.
Claude currently serves as a Board member.




Energate Inc. is based in Ottawa.
Venture Coaches is an investor in the company.
Claude previously served as a Board member.



Signority logo

Signority Inc. is based in Ottawa.
Claude is an Advisor and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.




Edge to Epic is based in Ottawa.
Claude is a member of the Advisory Board.




MXI Technology is based in Ottawa.
Claude served as a Board member until the company was acquired in 2012.

In its previous incarnation, Venture Coaches operated under a different structure.
Learn more about its history as a Venture Capital firm and its fund.