Corporate Overview

Venture Coaches was founded in 2000 and initially raised a $37 million early-stage venture fund. The fund was managed to completion after funding eleven start-up companies in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. The fund’s investors included pension funds, crown corporations, banks and high-net-worth individuals. Of the eleven portfolio companies, two portfolio companies completed initial public offerings (DragonWave: TSX and NASDAQ. TrueContext: TSX-V).  Additionally, six portfolio companies were acquired (Chantry Networks, Seaway Networks, Avendo Networks, Meriton Networks, TenXc Wireless and Spotwave Wireless) and one company remains active as a privately-held company.

Since 2010, Venture Coaches has shifted its focus away from Venture Capital towards its current role providing mentorship, advisory, and consulting services for technology companies and incubators/accelerators. Venture Coaches has been involved with several technology companies, including Energate, Edgewater, and Signority, and incubators/accelerators such as Exploriem and Lead-to-Win.