Business Planning

A clearly articulated business plan with a three to five year view is essential for every business and organization. This plan provides the roadmap to drive execution within the company and is also necessary for external stakeholders including investors, the bank and partners. A business plan can be presented in an informal way with a PowerPoint slide deck or more formally as a detailed document. It is very important that the business plan be detailed enough to provide guidance but also be brief enough that people will read it. A good business plan should start with a brief executive summary, which includes a brief problem (customer pain) statement, definition of the target market with sizing, business model and sales strategy, product solution including unique attributes, current team and evolution over the next couple of years, financials for next three to five years (revenue, margins, expenses, profit/loss and required capital) and exit strategy.

Venture Coaches has extensive experience in writing, reviewing and critiquing business plans for a wide range of companies and organizations.